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The English Bank is one of the top English academies in Sri Lanka. The academy is run by a very successful instructor Mr.Wasala. His methods of teaching are world-renowned and credited with many awards. elymant. is the campaign and social media manager for the academy for years.


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Social Media Management

elymant is managing the social media pages of The English Bank Academy for years now. Daily posting and regular page management activities are done by our team.

Facebook Ads Management

The English Bank uses Facebook as its primary advertising platform. Also, they use youtube / IG / Google as ads too. elymant manages all their campaigns regular basis. We have more than 60K+ USD spent only on Facebook ads accounts.

Elevating English Education with The English Bank Academy and Elymant Partnership

It is essential for people to have a solid command of the English language in a world where it has become a lingua franca. This is the goal of The English Bank Academy, one of the finest English academies in Sri Lanka. The English Bank Academy has made a name for itself as a pioneer in English education under the direction of their accomplished instructor, Mr. Wasala, and with assistance from Elymant, who serves as their campaign and social media manager.


  • To increase brand awareness for The English Bank Academy
  • To drive more student enrollment through social media advertising
  • To showcase the quality of education offered by The English Bank Academy

Elymant was given the responsibility of managing The English Bank Academy’s social media accounts, which included frequent page management tasks and daily updating. The Elymant staff also oversaw the academy’s advertising initiatives on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The English Bank Academy clearly understands the value of social media advertising given the over $60,000 USD spent on Facebook ads alone.

Results :
The collaboration between The English Bank Academy and Elymant has produced excellent results. Engagement on the social media pages has increased, and the advertising initiatives have significantly increased traffic to the academy’s website. As a result, there are more students enrolled, demonstrating the high caliber of instruction provided by The English Bank Academy.


The collaboration between The English Bank Academy and Elymant has proven the effectiveness of social media marketing for advancing education. The English Bank Academy has been able to raise brand awareness and increase student enrollments because to Elymant’s experience running campaigns and administering social media pages. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of the partnership and attests to Elymant’s talents.

Meet the Project Experts

Damith M Disanayaka

Digital Marketing & Strategy Lead

Tharindu Siriwardene

Lead Designer

Hiranya Sirimanne

Illustration & Desgin