The Anime Collective Tiktok Marketing & Content Creation

An eCommerce business that ran a successful marketing campaign on TikTok and gained more than 7+ ROAS from the business. The elymant deployed amazing strategies to make this TikTok campaign successful. 

The Story

The Anime Collective, Known worldwide for its unique and iconic anime collection, wanted to promote its newest anime street collection. It aimed to present a luxurious, sexy, and adventurous brand image and get more sales in 2022.


Digital Marketing + Management

Project Types

Anime Street Wear / Fashion

Management Duration 

12 Month

Client: The Anime Collective

The Campaign

Having Amazing ads media always works – elymant

The main challenge was to create artworks that stand out from all the other ads on Tiktok. by combining the anime movie hot scense and the characters, the elymant team was able to create amazing advertisements for the client. In the process of artwork creation, 3D and VFX technologies are used to render complex graphics and transitions. The artworks are designed with higher quality to grab the attention of the anime fans and limited-time discounts were added to induce the scarcity to the audience.

The quality of the artwork was the main reason the collection was a huge hit. and other marketing tactics worked well with the campaign gaining huge ROAS for the owner.

Meet the Project Experts

Damith M Disanayaka

Digital Marketing & Strategy Lead

Tharindu Siriwardene

Lead Designer