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Travel Website Design Case Study

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The Client

Srilankanvibes is a travel agency based in Sri Lanka that offers a wide range of travel services to tourists visiting the country. From customizable tour packages to hotel bookings and transportation services, Srilankanvibes has everything you need to make your trip to Sri Lanka a memorable one. The team at Srilankanvibes is dedicated to providing personalized service and ensuring that each of our clients has a unique and memorable experience in Sri Lanka.

Web Design


Located in Sri Lanka, Srilankanvibes is a travel business that provides a variety of travel services to visitors to the island nation. The major objective of the firm is to give each of its clients individualized care and make sure that they have a special and memorable time in Sri Lanka. It is critical that Srilankanvibes’ website is well-designed, user-friendly, and offers all the information a potential consumer would require as it plays a significant part in luring and keeping customers.


Srilankanvibes was seeking a collaborator who could work with them to develop a website that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also useful and user-friendly. The travel firm was searching for a website that would allow customers to easily book their trip services while showcasing the beauty and diversity of Sri Lanka.

The Solution:

Srilankanvibes chose Elyment as its web design partner. Leading web design and digital marketing firm Elyment has a staff of seasoned experts with the know-how to build top-notch websites. The team at Elyment recognized Srilankanvibes’ needs and developed a website that satisfies them all.

Design & Features:

The website of Srilankanvibes displays the beauty of Sri Lanka in a simple, contemporary layout. The website is simple to use and has all the necessary information. Beautiful photos of Sri Lanka are shown on the homepage, along with a slideshow that displays the various tour options provided by Srilankanvibes. Customers can easily book their travel services using the website’s user-friendly booking form.

For Srilankanvibes, Elyment also created a trip management system that links with their website. The system makes it simple for the agency to manage their reservations and offers up-to-the-minute information on the services’ availabilities. Insights about customer behavior are also provided by the system, which Srilankanvibes can use to enhance their offerings and draw in more clients.


Customers and industry professionals have both expressed satisfaction with Srilankanvibes’ website. The agency’s website has assisted in growing their clientele and booking volume. The agency’s ability to manage reservations and deliver superior customer care has also been facilitated by the travel management system.


A website that shows the beauty of Sri Lanka and makes it simple for customers to book their travel services has been successfully developed by Srilankanvibes and Elyment. Customers and industry professionals have given the website favorable comments, and it has assisted Srilankanvibes in growing their clientele and bookings. In order to keep Srilankanvibes’ website and travel management system at the cutting edge of technological innovation, Elyment continues to work with them.




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