Facebook Ads Creation: The Circleup and elymant Partnership

Businesses need to keep ahead of the curve in today’s digital world in order to be competitive. CircleUp, a platform that links authorized investors with forward-thinking consumer and retail businesses, was all too aware of this. CircleUp collaborated with the inventive minds at Elymant to create highly effective video ads for their Facebook page in an effort to raise brand awareness and boost traffic to their website. We will examine the method, outcomes, and accomplishment of this collaboration in this case study.

The Story

CircleUp is a platform that links creative consumer and retail businesses with certified investors. To raise brand awareness and improve traffic to their website, the business sought to produce highly effective video advertising for their Facebook page.



  • To create high-converting video ads for Facebook
  • To increase brand awareness for CircleUp
  • To drive more traffic to the CircleUp website


Content Creation

Project Types

Mental Health Care


1 Month

Client : John Deere Sri Lanka

The Campaign

CircleUp requested the elymant team to produce video ads for their Facebook page. The elymant team took the time to comprehend the company’s mission, target market, and marketing goals. They then developed a video advertising plan that would satisfy CircleUp’s requirements.

The following stages were taken during the video ad creation process:

Writing the script: The Elymant team created a script that will enthrall the target audience and clearly express CircleUp’s value proposition.

Video Production: Filming, animation, and editing were all part of the video production process. Modern tools and software were employed by the team to produce a high-caliber final product.

The video advertisement was then utilized as a component of CircleUp’s Facebook advertising campaign. To set up the ad campaign, choose the appropriate audience to target, and optimize the advertisement for best performance, the Elymant team collaborated closely with CircleUp.



Elymant’s video advertisement he made for CircleUp was a tremendous hit. The advertisement garnered a lot of views, and the engagement rate was far higher than anticipated. The advertisement also increased website traffic to CircleUp, which increased sign-ups and queries.

In summary, Elymant’s effort to create a video advertisement for CircleUp was successful in achieving its goals. The team’s top-notch video advertisement increased CircleUp’s brand recognition and increased website traffic. To make sure that the final product lived up to their expectations and produced the intended results, the Elymant team closely collaborated with CircleUp.